Note: The WindCatcher is not currently for sale. This system utilizes a generator that operates at 30RPM. At this time, there are no suitable generators under 500kW in size. We are waiting for the generator market to release a 50kW – 100kW generator, which would be appropriate for small farms and lifestyle blocks.

Mt Climie is the tallest peak in the Wellington region. It stands at over 860m and is one of the consistently windiest places in New Zealand. The average wind speeds have been measured at 13.89 m/s.

The Problem

Mt Climie has been scoped as a premier wind farm site for many decades. But up until now, no wind turbine has been able to handle the extreme wind conditions. Also, since Mt Climie is located in a preserve, the costs for creating a road that could handle the big-rig trucks needed to transport the immense materials of traditional wind turbines would be in excess of $25 Million -- which would make creating a wind farm there untenable.

Here is the Executive Summary of the Wind Resource Assessment of Mt Climie as done by PB Power for the Greater Wellington Regional Council in 2004:  Download in PDF format

The Solution

  • The WindCatcher can handle the extreme wind conditions of Mt Climie directly.
  • The compact size of the WindCatcher and dome can be easily transported by a ute and trailer using the existing access road.
  • Existing power transmission lines on Mt Climie can be used directly without any need for further infrastructure.


So, when is the last time that you had a test project that had a pre-tax IRR of over 112% and an income of $400,000 per year (with a 1MW generator, the income would be $800,000 per year)?

Believe it! Welcome to WindCatcher power generation.

Click on the Image Below to Download the Financial Analysis
for the 500kW Mt Climie Wind Test Project in PDF format:



Click on the Image Below to Download the Financial Analysis
for the 1MW Mt Climie Wind Test Project in PDF format: