Note: The WindCatcher is not currently for sale. This system utilizes a generator that operates at 30RPM. At this time, there are no suitable generators under 500kW in size. We are waiting for the generator market to release a 50kW – 100kW generator, which would be appropriate for small farms and lifestyle blocks.

The WindCatcher has been in development for 14 years and is patented.

Prototype 1 is still in operation (10 years) and has not failed.

Current prototype has been in daily operation for 5 years with no failures.

$1.4Million in private capital has been used:

  • $1Million from the inventor
  • $400K by a private investor

WindCatcher is looking for 2nd round funding : $1Million NZD 

This would be used to fund the Mt Climie wind site and hire personnel to shift the WindCatcher from ‘prototype’ to ‘manufactured product’.

  • the engineering drawings need to be optimized in CAD/CAM so that wind tunnel simulations can be performed
  • the braking/feathering system needs to be made into a computer-controlled automated system
  • manufacturing partners and methods need to be sourced

WindCatcher is also looking for partners on the Container project.

The Mt Climie project would allow us to become self-funded.